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This means, that for as long as the content is available, you shall have access to your version of the event. This includes the Challenge content and access to the Facebook Group.



In the extremely unlikely occurrence that this event, as a whole or in part is cancelled, your ticket will be refunded in full. If the event is cancelled, and it is rescheduled you can hold your payment over until the next event.



This event can be subject to variation, such as changes in content. If a variation does occur we will do our very best to make the changes just as fabulous.



We do offer a refund if feel that you didn’t get the value you were expecting, but in order to qualify we do ask you to have given it a go. To do this we need to see that you have opened at least two of the days modules and submitted at least two of the creative tasks.

Additionally if you have purchased a ticket, and for some reason you are unable to participate (we get it, life happens) you can hold your ticket over for the next event (usually annually), at no additional cost. We are also happy for you to exchange your ticket – see below.



If you have purchased your ticket, but for unforeseen circumstances you are unable to do it, you can find someone to exchange your spot with – we would welcome them with open arms.



Any artwork that your daughter creates is hers and we would always acknowledge her if we share it on any platform. We love to show the world what the girls create, because it is an invaluable for of self expression that contributes to confidence. We are bias and think it should be shouted from the rooftops, but of course if at anytime you would prefer to keep it private let us know and we will keep it between us girls. By that we mean we won’t publish her work.



If you have any questions not addressed in these terms, please e-mail us at We will endeavour to get back to you with a solution as soon as we can.