testing our creatives

Testing our charismatic creatives

There is a train of thought that we should start standardise testing for creativity to ensure our children are creative. There is another way that not only makes them competent at creativity but also makes them feel good about it.

How to teach creativity

How to teach creativity

Yes it is important to restrict resources like, time, freedom and people to teach creativity, but to make the process memorable, it needs to be fun. Learning is a laughing matter.

Let her explore to figure out what she loves

How to make a personal brand feel good

For some reason all the talk about personal brand makes me icky and uncomfortable, but why should it? If we have a genuine interest in something and believe it will make a difference in the world why shouldn’t we be known for that? Let us

For teenagers who are easily bored

Never be bored again

This article is not going to be a list of 50 things you can do to alleviate the boredom of a teenager. This instead gives them the smarts to come up with their own list so they are never bored again.

balance life with charisma

A question of balance

The phrase ‘work life balance’ suggests that Work and Life are separate and to have a rewarding and fulfilled life they need to be in balance. What if balance was not between the things we do but between the way we are?