Mother to a teen in Mexico – Meet Mayra

Mayra is one of those busy, fit and healthy, working mums who aims to be a role model for her daughter and loves spending time with her.

My name is Mayra Leticia Mendoza Cerda, I live in Monterrey Mexico with my daughter.


What do you like about living in Mexico? Culture, food but what I mostly like are the values and the strength of the Mexican town.


What is your favourite place in your town to go? Fundidora because, it has museums, music festivals and a lot of cool events.

Image by: Mayra Mendoza Cerda

How many languages do you speak? Spanish and english


Have you travelled outside of Mexico? Yes to the US, my two favorite places are Dallas and Austine.


What does a typical day in your life look like?

I wake up at 5:30 am the I prepare all my basic needs like stuff for the gym then at 6:30 we leave the house pick up a my daughter’s friend and take them both to school. Then I go to the gym from 7 am to 9, then I go to my house to work, because my office it is at my house (pretty cool huh). While I am at my house I prepare food and do the laundry, my daughter arrives from school to home at 3:30 pm then we eat and get ready to exercise (again for me) at 5:00 while she does excercise I do crossfit then at 7:30 we arrive at our home, have dinner and sleep.


What do you love doing?

With no doubt I love to lead my daughter to a good path and spending time with her.


What do you do for work? Administrate a factory of industrial maintenance.


Does your job incorporate what you love doing? Yes I love working with math stuff and people, like negotiating with them.


What do you think you are naturally good at? I support other people whenever they are in need.

Be real, Be yourself, Be unique, Be true, Be honest, Be humble, Be happy

What hopes and aspirations do you have for yourself? I want to travel the world and do a Masters Degree in my job and improve my english also learn how to ride a motorcycle.


What do you want most for your daughter? To have a good education a good love of life and for her to fulfil her happiness.

Spending time with her

What things do you and your daughter do together? Going to concerts, libraries, collect things and discovering new places.


What do you like to do to relax? Exercise, go skating, have a cup of tea and listen to Bruno Mars songs.

Mayra in a Mexican embroidered top

Share a little Spanish with us

Hola; muy agradecida con Jane por considerarnos a mi hija Darian y a mi para su blog. Como muchos saben recientemente en la Ciudad de Mexico tuvo lugar un terremoto que resulto con la perdida de vidas, hogares, edificios. Pero dentro de esta gran catastrofe se rescata la solidaridad que recibimos de parte de muchas partes del mundo, sin lugar a dudas el amor es el que prevalece mas alla de fronteras, idiomas o creencias.


Hello; very grateful to Jane for considering my daughter Darian and me for her blog. As many know recently in Mexico City an earthquake took place that resulted in the loss of lives, homes, buildings. But within this great catastrophe rescues the solidarity we receive from many parts of the world, without a doubt love is the one that prevails beyond borders, languages ​​or beliefs.

What else would you like to say to our young girls – our future change makers?

Pursue your dreams and sometimes the road might not be easy but once you have reached your dreams you will see that all the effort you did was for something, something good.
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  • Paula

    Son un gran ejemplo, madre e hija!! 😘 😘

    November 22, 2017at7:14 am

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