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Millie Thompson has just started her final year of primary. She had been thinking about putting her hand up for a school leadership role.


After a weekend of creativity with some inspirational women she decided to go for it. She and another girl were successful in gaining the primary school leader position for 2019.

Millie was interviewed by ABC Radio Southern Queensland after the event and shared what she gained from the experience. 


She expected it to be fun and learn about design and creativity, but it did more than that.

It had always been a dream of mine to have a leadership role.

What do you enjoy doing when you have a bit of spare time?

Playing with friends 


What subjects do you do at school and which are your favourites? 

English, Math, Science, Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Japanese, Well-being, HPE, Art, Digital technology. My favourite is Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Language Other than English (LOTE).


Are your favourites the ones you are naturally good at?



You are in your junior years at school, and lots of time to think about this but have you thought about what you love doing? 

Yes, and I love sport. 


Where have you found your inspiration for who you want to be? 

Playing sport with teams and my teachers at school.

You were successful in applying for a school leadership position


Was this something you would have thought about applying for before The Confidence Creative?

Yes it had always been a dream of mine to have a leadership role but I gained a lot of confidence from the workshop which helped me a lot.


Why did you put your hand up for it? 

I put my hand up because I thought it would be a fun experience 


How did you feel when you found out you were going to be a school leader?

I was felt so proud of myself and I felt so excited for what the future may hold for myself.


What did you do when you found out you were going to be one of the school leaders?

I jumped up in the air and I yelled OMG I can’t believe this.


Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world! – Marilyn Munroe

What do you think is needed for anyone to succeed at what they love doing?

Believe in themselves 


What are two cool things your parents have taught you?

Trust and Love who you are. 



When do you think your mum and dad are most proud of you?


All the time as they tell me often.



Name something in the last year you have learned about yourself?

That I’ll make a good leader in year 6.

You were one of the participants at the Confidence Creative 


Did you have any expectations of the event. If so, what were they?

I expected it to be fun and that I would learn more about design and creativity.


What was one thing you took away from the experience?

It doesn’t depend on your ability everyone has a creative mindset.


How did it make you feel doing it?

I felt excited while attending the workshop


If you would like to say hi to Millie, just leave a message below in the comments.

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