Eight year old story teller

I have an open heart

I love where curiosity leads you


I follow Raha Moharrak, first Saudi women to climb the seven highest peaks (yes that includes Everest). She was celebrating the 1st anniversary of completing her last climb and I noticed a comment from @organic_tool (David Burnmayr).


It read, “You are truely inspiring. What a beautiful #herosjourney! stay curious, stay courageous and keep up the vibe for the next summits and valleys.”


I was curious to see who this man was, one so supportive of an amazing feat of physical perseverance, and so eloquently recognising those character strengths that are essential components of contributing creatively to the world – curiosity and courage.


It was here I found a dad sharing proud moments of his daughter, Emilia. One post, which caught my eye, was an excerpt from a story she is writing. She is eight years old and I wanted to know a little bit more about this young girl from Austria, who manages to immerse herself in her story telling so readily.

Introduce yourself 

My name is Emilia Abigél, I‘m eight years old and I live at home with mom, dad and my little brother.


What is one thing you like about where you live?

I love to play with my friends.



A post of your creative work that your dad shared on Instagram was the catalyst for this interview…


How do you feel when you are creating – writing a story? 

It‘s a good feeling. I feel as if I would be inside the story and I‘m living it. I feel the same, what the persons in my story feel, and I imagine I would experience that.


What is the coolest creative project you have made lately? Why?

My Ameliea book. It is, if I would write inside, what I care about.


What subjects do you do at school and which are your favourites? 

Reading and writing, religion, crafting and drawing.


Are your favourites the ones you are naturally good at?

Yes, I‘m good in German, in religion we have a lot of fun.


What do you enjoy doing when you have a bit of spare time?

I love to go for a walk, to play with friends, reading and continue to write my story.

One of Emilia’s favourite quotes.

You are good, the way you are.
Story by Emilia Abigél
Working Title "Princess Ameliea" - by Emilia Abigél

What are two cool things your parents have taught you?

Courage and to read a lot, I inherited this from my dad.

When do you think your mum and dad are most proud of you?

I don’t think they are proud when I’m reading, because they say, “Emilia, [put] away the book, we have to go!”

Maybe that I write so many stories, that I have an open heart.


Name something in the last year you have learned about yourself?

To say no, if I don’t want to do it.

If my friends say, “Come on, play with me” and I don’t  really want to.


What excites you about growing up?

To learn, if I’m grown up I will know a lot.


What do you want to do with your book/story when you have finished it? Has it a title yet?

To make a film and to give it to a publish it.


I don’t really have a title yet. I gave it a title, but its not fixed yet. “Ameliea, my story“ or “Princess Ameliea.



When Aurora finished her song, prince Jan said, I should come. When he said that, his eyes were ✨ shining. I started with my song and everybody was so silent, that one could hear just my voice. When I finished, Jan said, he believes that I will win. The competitions passed quickly. And then Jan said finally, who won which competition. “In the singing competition, Amelia Sommer has won.” I went in front to prince Jan and he handed me the medal. When he finished, we went to the carriage and greeted Heinrich. Then we drove home. At home, I told, that I have won at the singing competition. Then I went to my room and thought about, why kids are not allowed to marry. Best I ask right away my mum. Mum said, we are too young to marry. So I forgot about marrying and draw a unicorn. The unicorn succeeded me well, I thought. I wanted to meet a unicorn for real, because I have never met a unicorn, but I knew they exist. I just feel it. Theresa thinks, that unicorns are not existing. But I want so much to see one. So I went to the horses. My horse is called Sternchen. It‘s white and has a white mane. I think it looks like a unicorn. When I came into the stable, Sternchen trotted to me suddenly. He greeted me with a neighing and went out to the paddock. I followed him. He hid behind a tree and gave a necklace for horses into my hand. I tied him on the necklace and I had to close my eyes, because suddenly a bright light was there. When I opened my eyes again, Sternchen had a horn. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Then Sternchen started to talk. “Amelia, it has to remain our secret, that I’m a unicorn. But you are allowed to tell one human being, that I’m a unicorn,” said Sternchen. But then I found my voice again and said, “Agreed, but let’s ride somewhere else, because here we can be easily spotted.” “Better we fly, because then we are faster,“ answered Sternchen and I got on his back.


written by Emilia Abigél

translated by David Brunmayr

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