Charisma helps make creativity happen

How charisma helps make creativity happen

Have you ever been at an event where the guest speaker has finished, and afterwards everyone races up to meet them, shake their hand, ask them a question or take a picture with them?

I recently witnessed this at a breakfast with Elizabeth Gilbert hosted by BusinessChicks. She made people feel valued and they wanted to be around her.

So often we hear people say “I don’t know what it is but they have something special about them.”

They walk into a room and peoples heads turn.

Is charisma born or made?

Charisma is learnable.

Research from The Science of People show that two traits are in balance in charismatic people.

These two traits are Warmth and Competence.

Charismatic people are empathetic. They make people around them feel valued and important. They are likeable. A charismatic person is emotionally intelligent and can read a situation. When required a charismatic person will dial up their warmth to put a person at ease.

Charismatic people are competent. They are experienced and knowledgeable in what they do. They communicate their message clearly and people trust what they say. Again, if the situation requires it, they ramp up their competence language again to put their audience at ease.

A quiz created by The Science of People shows where we each sit on the charisma scale. The beauty of this quiz is it highlights where our strengths lie and where we need to work to bring ourselves back into balance.

Getting the charisma traits in balance

What is creativity?

Creativity is the process of original ideas that add value.

For creativity to add value it must solve a problem.

For creativity to be original it must not have been done before.

If something has not been done before then the outcome is unknown and this makes us feel a little uncomfortable.

The unknown is risky and we lack control over it. We don’t like being out of control. As a result we will often dismiss an idea in the belief it won’t work.

Have you ever been in a room where someone has said, “Ok everyone give me your best ideas.” Only to offer yours and be told, “Thankyou, but I don’t think that will work.”

Charisma is not so much getting people

How Charisma Helps Creativity Happen

A charismatic person inspires confidence because they are competent.

They are warm and empathic. They make us feel good and are good communicators.

Because they are good storytellers they paint pictures for us that make the unknown feel possible.

As mentioned earlier, creativity is a process of original ideas and therefore not done before. Who better then, to paint a picture of the possible with empathy and competence, than a charismatic person. They make us feel the risk is worth taking.

So we do.

And we learn something.

And we build our knowledge and our experience. We become more competent. We have another story to tell so we can connect with people.

We intern become more charismatic.

Charisma begets charisma.

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