How to celebrate creativity and feel appreciated

We need to be very good at celebrating creativity

Have you been in a room where the person at the front says “ok everyone I want your best ideas.”

You offer yours.

There is silence.

Or worse, “Ahh, thanks. That is an interesting idea, but I don’t think it is going to work.”

Your creativity has been shot down before it has even had a chance.


You are not alone in this experience. In fact this is a perfectly natural human reaction. Do not take it personally. The reaction is part of our survival mechanism.

Original ideas are untested. They haven’t been done before, therefore the outcome is uncertain. Humans do not like uncertainty. Unfortunately if we are going to explore new ways of doing things we have to get comfortable with uncertainty, and we need to get better at celebrating those that do.

Creativity is the process of original ideas that have value. - Sir Ken Robinson

How should we celebrate our creativity

When we celebrate our creativity there are two important caveats to make the celebration meaningful and sustainable.

  1. We do it in a way that nourishes us to keep going
  2. We do it with people who’s opinion we value and trust


Celebrate in a way that nourishes us

This is where I like to talk about our Love Languages.

When we understand how we feel most loved, we can share this with others. Likewise when we know it in others we can connect in more meaningful ways.

For example

We give a gift or congratulate someone and it just falls flat, to a point where it doesn’t feel like they appreciate it at all.

But what is actually happening is all they want to do is spend some quality time with you. They want to sit with you at lunch or hang out on the weekend. This act means way more to them than a gift or words. In fact hanging out, saying nothing together, could be just as rewarding.


The Five Love Languages

  1. Words of Affirmation
  2. Acts of Service
  3. Receiving Gifts
  4. Physical Touch
  5. Quality Time

Celebrating our creativity, whether it was successful or not, needs to be done in a way that nourishes us so we can keep on going. Keep taking the next step required to see our original ideas through.

Success people make the magic happen

Celebrate with people we value and trust

When we understand how we like to celebrate it is important to do so with the people we value and trust.

This doesn’t usually mean our 500+ Instagram followers, but those that share our values intimately. Those who nurture our strengths and believe in us.


Five types of people to celebrate with

Ken Coleman talks about five types of people that help us get to a career/life that we love, in his book The Proximity Principle.

The Professors – those who instruct in a field we want to work in e.g our teachers.

The Professionals – the best of the best in the field you want to be in. (Always seek excellence.)

You would have heard the saying,

You are the average of the five people you spend most time with,” by Jim Rohn.

Research into the breadth of social influence suggests that it goes beyond five people but for the purposes of this article we will assume Jim is spot on. 

The Mentors – they offer guidance and keep us accountable. They may or may not know that they are our mentor and we may know them or we may observe them from afar.

The Peers – these people who are with us on our journey eg. our parents, our brothers and sisters or friends.

The Producers – these people have the jobs. If we help them win they will open up opportunities for us and share their connections generously.


The book is called The Proximity Principle because it is about putting ourselves in the right place with the right people so we can take our next step, what ever that may be.

Whether it is the right time doesn’t matter so much because we have a process for seizing opportunities when ever they present themselves.

Creative Process

It is important to celebrate our wins and our fails.

The wins – we give ourselves a tap on the back

The failures – we learn from and store them away in ‘what we now know’ (that first Stage of creativity)

Either way, we need to celebrate our creativity. Celebrate our effort.

We also need to celebrate other’s creativity and other’s effort even when our natural instinct is to not go there.


In Summary

  1. Don’t forget to Celebrate!
  2. When we celebrate do it in a way that nourishes us – taps into our Love Languages.
  3. Do it with people that build us up and help us take our next step.

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