Hopes and Aspirations – Josie Kirby 14

Josie Kirby is 13 and lives in Brisbane with her family. She is athletic and picks up sport quickly. She gravitates to doing things that involve this and one of her favourite subjects at school is HPE (Health and Physical Education).


So I was interested to hear what impact her creative experience with us had,

in addition to gaining an insight into her hopes and aspirations.


Josie was one of the first girls to go through our interior design workshop. Eight months later she has had a chance to implement some of what she created and think about how she interacts with her new space.

To work hard and take as many of the opportunities as they can.

Did you have any expectations? If so, what were they?

No, I came in just hoping to learn as much as possible.


What were one or two things you took away from the experience?

How to better arrange my room and what is the best way to use colours


Have you made changes to your room?



What are they?

I have painted one of my walls a teal/blue sort of colour and left the others white, I bought a white canopy that I dyed a dark purple as well as rearranging my room to better accommodate everything and work with Virginia’s suggestions about the layout of the room.


How did you go about implementing them? (on your own, help from mum and dad, friends etc)

I had my parents help buying things as well as them helping by explaining what to do but they let me do it mostly by myself.


Do you engage with your room differently than you did before?




I now have a spot to sit and read which is something I really value in a room


Why do you think you went home and made changes to your room?

I wanted a change and something new.


You are in your senior years at school, have you thought about what you love doing?

No, I’m in grade 8 and I’m not sure about what I want to do yet.


Are you considering a career that incorporates doing what you love?

I hope that when I do chose what I want to do, I hope that I love what I do.


What do you think is needed for anyone to succeed at what they love doing?

To work hard and take as many of the opportunities as they can.


You are about to enter into the wonderful wide world of creating your own path. What scares you about doing so?

That what I chose is what makes me happy and will continue to enjoy it throughout the years.


What excites you about doing so?

I can choose what happens in my life and it is not controlled or limited.


What is one of your favourite inspirational quotes? (add more, if you have more than one!)

“You are more powerful than you know and they fear the day you discover it”

“She needed a hero so that’s what she became”

“This job, we try to save as many people as we can, sometimes that doesn’t mean everybody but you don’t give up”

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