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How to make a personal brand feel good

For some reason all the talk about personal brand makes me icky and uncomfortable, but why should it? If we have a genuine interest in something and believe it will make a difference in the world why shouldn’t we be known for that? Let us

creativity calms the chaos

Creativity calms the chaos

When we get good at the process of creativity we can solve problems with calm and originality. At the moment we have a pretty serious and deep seeded problem that has been triggered again by the death of George Floyd that are in need of

Charisma helps make creativity happen

How charisma helps make creativity happen

Creativity is inherently risky because it provides a solution to a problem that has not been tested before. We need to be convinced the risk is worth taking and often that takes charisma. Fortunately all of us can learn how to be more charismatic so

Interview with 16 year old Jordan_White

I don’t want to be working in a job I hate

Maybe it is worth thinking that 'now' doesn't define what the rest of your life will look like. It just helps shape your next step. Jordan (16) believes that Persistence, Perseverance and Passion are needed to succeed in life and you can’t succeed if you