testing our creatives

Testing our charismatic creatives

There is a train of thought that we should start standardise testing for creativity to ensure our children are creative. There is another way that not only makes them competent at creativity but also makes them feel good about it.

How to teach creativity

How to teach creativity

Yes it is important to restrict resources like, time, freedom and people to teach creativity, but to make the process memorable, it needs to be fun. Learning is a laughing matter.

Stacking habits makes them stick

Stack Habits to make them Stick

A shockingly simple way to make a good habit stick. Have you ever wanted to start a good habit, not just start one but stick to one? This simple trick from James Clear gives us a way to get back on track even when we

Exams prepare us for crisis

Why exams prepare us for crisis

Have you ever walked into an exam, read the questions and suddenly realised that you don't know the answers. You start to panic and anxiety sets in. There could be a valuable skill learned from doing exams that good leaders draw upon in time of

Creativity at the Core of Curriculum

What if we made creativity and critical thinking at the core of curriculum and maths, science, english general capabilities. Would this not be more aligned with what is needed in society today? Here is one way we could do this.

keys to crushing it with creativity

3 keys to crushing it with creativity

To be creative we have to do something because creativity is a process that has outcomes. To really nail our creativity there are three things we need to be address to ensure we progress through the process of creativity and produce something truly unique.