Aussie living in America

Aussie girl living in America

Olivia Grace Targett is 14 and has recently moved to Los Angeles, America with her mum, Tanya.


She is considering an acting career and what better place to explore this. She knows it is a tough industry to crack and despite having a fall back position in graphic design, she has fallen in love with drama. It will require perseverance, optimism and an internal confidence to make a success of it. Here is her story.

What subjects do you do at school and which are your favourites?

I have Maths and Science, not by choice they are my least favourites. I also have English, History, Art and Design Technology. My favourites are English and Art.



Are your favourites the ones you are naturally good at?

Yes, they are the ones I am naturally good at. I just really enjoy creating and writing it’s a safe place I find. It can whisk you away to different places, and I think that’s pretty cool.


How do you feel when you are creating a piece of art?

I feel really calm and happy when creating art, its my happy place.

Just for a second it can take them away from any pain or sadness they felt. And I want to be able to do that for people. Like my mum did for me.

Olivia Targett in LA

What is the coolest art project you have made?

Maybe a collection of drawings I made that consisted of clothing designs, but when they all came together, everything had a place in a story.


What do you enjoy doing when you have a bit of spare time?

I enjoy reading a book, and drawing. But I often end up listening to music and sketching or partaking in the biggest time eater Netflix.


You are in your middle years at school, have you thought about what you love doing?

I have, I love designing and writing, along with painting. But I also am obsessed with theater, and drama (the activity not the gossip).


Are you considering a career that incorporates doing what you love?

I was looking into a career into being an actress, but I know that it’s extremely hard so I am also looking into being a graphic designer.


Where have you found your inspiration for who you want to be?

I found my inspiration just partaking in a class last year for drama and I fell in love with it, everything was just so much fun, and so enjoyable. It was a real eye opener. I always knew I wanted to make a difference in the world. Whether it was empowering other people or making them smile when they didn’t feel like it. That’s why I love the arts. It varies from acting to painting to writing, even if it is just for a second it can take them away from any pain or sadness they felt. And I want to be able to do that for people. Like my mum did for me.

Aussie teen artist living in LA

What do you think is needed for anyone to succeed at what they love doing?

If you are doing something that you love, and you are happy, then you’ve already succeeded. Because true success comes from within, and being happy with where you are, and who you are.


What are two cool things your parents have taught you?

My mum taught me to be true to who I am, and to not change for anyone, and I think that is a pretty cool thing. Because that teaches that even if they don’t like me for me, then their loss. Another thing my mum taught me that’s pretty cool is being unique and different sticking by what you believe in, is cool. Because it’s the people that break the mold, change the world.


When do you think your mum is most proud of you?

When I get my homework done, or when I think of the best possible solution to a problem.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win – Mahatma Gandhi

You recently moved to another country


How did you initially feel about moving?

At first it was a little scary, but then it became an exciting adventure.


Why is that?

It was scary because I was leaving everything I was used to and leaving all my friends. I was afraid of losing friends. But then all that energy shifted, and I focused on the positives of meeting new people and making new friendships. And making old friendships stronger with the distance. I was also looking forward to new and exciting opportunities that waited.


What is one thing you find new/different about where you live at the moment?

The people are different, nicer. Australians are nice but people here are nicer. I mean the shop assistants take you to what you need.


What excites you about your new world?

Building new friendships and having the limitless opportunity to make myself who I want to me.


Name something in the last year you have learned about yourself?

I learned that no matter what I go through, no matter who tests me, I can make it through on top. I can fight the fight and win. That all I need is the people that stuck around in the dark times.


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Olivia Targett travelling to America
  • Hello beautiful La-Liv… awesome article <3 keep dreaming big gorgeous, the world is your oyster. And if you decide to do more with Graphic Design, you know I'm here to help in any way I can 😉 xxxxxx

    October 26, 2018at1:09 am
  • Fantastic Livvy Keep being you, nobody does that quite like you and you are so worthy and deserving of a bright and beautiful life . You will rock at whatever you choose to do but I must say, you will be a fabulous actress judging by thr short intro’s I’ve seen you perform already. Especially Smeegle 😀

    October 26, 2018at4:48 am
  • Indrani Smith

    Liv!!!! You’re amazing and so inspiring to so many people! Keep doing your thing ❤️ indrani

    October 26, 2018at5:57 am
  • Marcia Riner

    Very impressive! You are so not a little girl but an old soul living in a little girl’s body. Way to go Liv. Keep up the beautiful work.

    October 26, 2018at6:05 am
  • Hi Liv,
    love your comments about turning around your mindset. Your Mum is a rockstar, so it follows that you will be a superstar actress.
    Go get’ed

    October 26, 2018at6:24 am
  • Liv – You are an incredible young lady! And talented too!

    January 21, 2019at7:48 am