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Dreaming Big for Little Girls exists to give girls enough quiet confidence to seize life’s opportunities and make the most of them. We want girls to grow up to be confident, happy and well-adjusted contributors to society.


Adding creativity to the confidence narrative for girls in Australia means we can make taking risks, removing doubt and facing fears, fun. Actively participating in these, contributes to confidence, which ebbs and flows throughout our lives. Creative thinking, practiced and nurtured over time builds the belief and the ultimate confidence in girls to navigate any challenge life presents.


“I can make the impossible, possible”


Quiet confidence in young girls is where resilience, humility and an ‘anything is possible attitude’ reside. Confidence we feel is gained, in large part, by ‘doing’ things.


Our way of facilitating this is to create products and projects that encourage ‘doing’.


Some of the things we are doing are:



Workshops are a fun deep dive into taking risks, removing doubt and facing fears through creativity. Projects continue the creative journey for the girls who have gone through our workshops or registered with us. Events open up the creative experience to a broader audience. Membership is a long term step by step process of combining the girl’s natural character strengths and what they love doing.

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She is sitting in front of a blank canvas with paint and brush in hand. Looking at it, not game to commit the brush, doubting she can create something good and fearing what others may think of it.

Jane Harbison Founder of Dreaming Big for Little Girls
We use creativity to pique curiosity.

When you are curious your mind is at a heightened state of learning. It absorbs more because you are interested. This is how you discover what you love doing.

If you love what you do, you will stick with it. If you stick with it, you will get good at it. If you get good at it, you will be rewarded handsomely for it.


We are based in Brisbane, Australia creating unique opportunities that contribute to girl’s quiet confidence.


Jane Harbison’s background is accounting and commerce and only recently has taken to design. She speaks about the importance of doing what you love, because it is a good career move.


At school Jane felt she had to be able to support herself. She didn’t want to be reliant on her parents. They had already worked so hard to give her amazing opportunities and put her through school. Jane knew accounting was a good option – you can always use accountancy and get a job with it. So she made subject choices at school that she thought would help her get a good TE Score – maths, chemistry, french. Problem was she was really good at art, home economics (particularly the sewing/clothes design/fabrics) and history.


She did a Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) and did ok at it, but was never going to be GREAT at it because she didn’t love it. She wasn’t ever going to really dedicate the deep learning to it that you do when you really get a kick out of what you do.


20 years on Jane had a career change. She did an intensive graphic design course and has used it every day since. From this Dreaming Big for Little Girls was born.


There is a small range of products, when purchased, contribute to another girl experiencing a unique opportunity that contributes to their confidence, resilience and happiness. The products are centred around a little character who finds joy in the moment and comfort in her own skin. More about where Jane grew up and what influences her products can be found in the Shop.


Jane would like people to pick up their much-hugged cushion or scribbled in notebook or frayed cookbook years down the track and reflect on how it made them feel. Our little character, who appears on most of our products, evokes joy, freedom and comfort in her own skin – maybe have a little bit of that rub off.



Throughout her career Jane has been and is currently, involved in a number of organisations associated with supporting girls and women.


Girls and women can significantly influence the wellbeing of all societies and she believes they naturally do this collaboratively – establishing ground swells and momentum. This often requires resilience and an anything is possible attitude – this is where confidence resides.


Dreaming Big for Little Girl’s big long-term aim is to be a meaningful supporter of programs around the world that contribute to the wellbeing of girls and women. To do that effectively we need our thoughtful products and projects to be experienced everywhere.


Every time you purchase a product from the SHOP it contributes to an opportunity for another young future female change-maker.

Being a guest blog contributor


Girls under the age of 15 are invited to contribute to Dreaming Big for Little Girls.


We periodically send out invitations to girls to give voice to their fears, hopes and dreams. It is important to feel heard and this is just one way we do this for brave tween and teen girls.


If you have any questions about becoming a Contributor, please contact us via Email or by Phone. We are careful to provide a safe place to express yourself.

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Jillian Cooke

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Emma Fahy

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Joining Dreaming Big for Little Girls encourages participation.


This is not a passive membership where you sit back and receive things for free without a little effort. It is important that everything we do, we learn from it.

I will be asking your daughter to THINK CREATIVELY.


Do you want to nurture your daughter’s creativity?

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Our approach to partnerships

Partners are such a valuable part of what we do and what we want to do. We prefer not to do it all by ourselves.


We started with a wonderfully collaborative approach to our Cookbook. A competition for girls to participate in it’s content was formed, we crowd funded its development and printing, invited designers to create a cover and then we had our community vote on it. A Profit Share program was then created where girls under 15 years old could earn pocket money from the sale of the book – learning about money and sales, marketing and distribution.


This is our approach with all our current and future products and projects. Our Products are found in our Shop and Projects are found in our Blog, under the Dreaming Big for Little Girls banner.


We believe in
  • Keeping things simple
  • Relationships based in trust
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence
  • Creativity as a medium for change
  • Enjoy the moment


What we look for in a Partner

These are the sorts of things we look for in a lasting partnership:

  • We value those that have a desire to advance young girls (tweens and teens).
  • We both value collaborative partnerships to achieve what we do and actively participate in making them happen.
  • Evoke joy and freedom from everything we create together.
  • Change occurs through setting a standard of excellence.
  • We do what we say we will do.