balance life with charisma

A question of balance

The phrase ‘work life balance’ suggests that Work and Life are separate and to have a rewarding and fulfilled life, the two need to be in balance.

What if the aim was to be more charismatic?

What if balance was not between the things we do but rather, between the way we are.

To be a charismatic parent, a charismatic friend, a charismatic boss, a charismatic partner or colleague.

Charismatic in every aspect of our lives.

In our homes, at school, at work or on the playing field etc.

Charisma is not so much about getting people to like you but more about getting people to like themselves when you're around. - Robert Breault

Charisma is the balance of competence and warmth


To strive to be skilled at something. To be better today than we were yesterday. To be a better parent, friend, boss, partner or colleague.


To strive for kindness, empathy and gratitude toward our children, friends and colleagues and strangers.


Charismatic people are more likeable and people enjoy being around likeable people. How good does that feel? The world is a happier place.

How do we become more Competent and Warm?

This is where the creative process starts.

We have our problem to solve and so we begin with saturating ourselves with new knowledge to go with what we already know.

So we don’t overwhelm ourselves with “what we don’t know”, I always like to limit this to just three pieces of new knowledge each time I take myself through the creative process. I like to call them the 3S’s (Search Engine, Someone Else and Self).

For a Someone Else tip – I highly recommend Vanessa Van Edwards, Science of People School. She has a whole course on how to get these two in balance and it is brilliant.

I take my knowledge and experience and percolate it in line with my values and circumstances to form an idea that is worth trying in solving my problem.

I then try it. I create something.

I celebrate the wins and the losses, learning as I go.

I then give myself a break. I give myself a chance to rejuvenate before I start the process again with new knowledge and experiences.

Creative flow

In Summary

We are always asking how can we be a better parent?

How can we make sure we are at our best at meetings?

How do we make sure we are delivering a truly unique and valuable experience for our customers?

We should do this not only with competence in mind but also warmth.

This is a balance worth striving for.

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