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What girls have said about previous challenges

“I found this challenge an opportunity to explore my creativity. [I was] nervous because it was something that I hadn’t done before but also excited to learn something new. What I learnt about myself was that I didn’t give up when it became a bit challenging and I determined to finish the course and have fun in the process.”

– Sophie BlackĀ  10.

“I loved it. I was really excited to do it when I first heard of it. It just filled the air of my bedroom.”

– Lilah Mulqueen – 11.
feeling great about this challenge

About Jane

Jane Harbison is the creator of Dreaming Big for Little Girls and the curator of unique initiatives to nurture girl’s creativity.


She has created numerous products for girls and with girls, including successfully crowdfunding and publishing a Cookbook which ended up in 10 countries. She has been invited to share the girl’s success stories on national radio, newspapers, local magazines and podcasts in Australia and United States.

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